The right carpet can tie together all the elements in a room. It’s the last stroke of a painting which brings it to life. That’s not to say it should be loud or stand out for its own sake. Natural tones can add depth, warmth or a feeling of calm to a busy space.

The variety of materials available when buying a new carpet is quite remarkable. There’s no need to feel overwhelmed though, since we can offer plenty of advice. We have a wonderful selection of beautiful handwoven, natural and PET carpets. Many of these carpets are known for being weather resistant and extremely durable.  Dash & Albert,GAN, Papiol, KP and Cumellas are some of our superior carpet providers.

We can offer a stunning selection of jute, wool, cotton and sisal. Sisal is increasingly popular, because it is tear-resistant, heat-insulating and flame retardant.

NATURAL FIBRE carpets also combine beauty and durability. They are good sound insulators, warm underfoot and are able to balance humidity. Wool is also said to absorb and even neutralise air pollutants. Another benefit of natural fibres is that they are made from renewable raw materials. Their growing popularity can be attributed not only to homeowners caring more about the environment but perhaps an unspoken wish to bring the natural world inside.

Here are just some of our favourite natural fibre carpets, most of them can be ordered custom made to your specifications and others come in set sizes, please contact us for more info we have hundreds of samples we can offer you to choose from. Most of our carpets can be custom made to your specifications.

BOHEMIA is hand woven in hemp, creating fine and discrete braids that are intertwined with strands of jute yarn. Fringes decorate either end, adding so much character.

MAHE is produced in 100 % yute, its intricate trellis design has lots of depth, it comes in a natural two tone colour and can be made to any size.

NEST is a beautiful hand woven wollen carpet, it is finished with a long fringe of the same material that gives it lots of texture, this is a very elegant and soft carpet and very simple in design. It comes in 4 very stylish muted colours. ( it can come without the fringe aswell )

LAMU is very original, made of 50 % wool and 50% jute in a quadriculated design, where the wool tones the colour down and gives it a sophisticated touch, the jute gives it texture and that rawness we like so much!

HOOT is an incredible 100 % wool hand woven carpet, quite thick and soft, it sort of resembles a miniature herd of sheep, it comes in three beautiful colours, stone, milk chocolate and navy.

In the image you can see the amazing texture.. in the stone colour. It comes in 3 sizes,

170×240 cm
200×300 cm
300×400 cm

AAPA has to be one of our favourites, fantastic depth, mix of pure wool and linen, this carpet feels as if » walking on sand»… a very sophisticated choice..

Can be made in your  choice of size or even round.

100 % Made in Finland

Some more carpets…


this natural Bereber carpet is knotted by hand, it has The most incredible texture, depth, touch, it feels like hugging your favourite teddy bear, really quite something, its made entirely of Wool from New Zealand and comes in three sizes,

170×240 cm
200×300 cm
300×400 cm


Cirus is a beautifully textured hand knotted wool carpet, it comes in 2 colours and 2 sizes, its very special to the touch. This is our favourite in a beautiful grey-brown colour.


Bari is another example of Carpet by GAN that has an amazing texture, hand loomed, its 100 % virgin wool, it comes in two sizes, 170 x 240cm and 200 x 300cm, It has a lovely stitched border and it comes in grey and orange also.

We will be updating our carpet section very soon!

Please contact us if you need more information.