As lovers of the great outdoors, we place great importance on the landscape of each project and believe a garden is a living and breathing extension of our homes.

It can be a sanctuary of relaxation or an inspiring place to play, read and entertain. The possibilities for making a garden both functional and beautiful are as vast as our imagination.

The formation of outdoor rooms, the use of pergolas and decks, sculptures and  water features, to the creation of natural gardens which blend with the surroundings,  all of these details contribute to giving an outdoor space personality and a sense of dimension.

We have discovered that after months of working on a property, the gardens often evolve quite naturally. That’s not to say there aren’t a number of factors to consider when planning one, the distribution of space, water usage, maintenance, sunshine, location and budget are just some of the determinants we take into account before creating a design.

Together we can discuss the role of this garden in your life – whether it’s a space to admire or a place for your children to explore? Whether you would like an active role in nurturing it, a full-time gardener or prefer it to be low-maintenance.

We believe the most pleasing environments are a reflection of human design, a study of balance, symmetry and perfect proportions.

Contact us here to discuss possible future project or changes to existing gardens, we look forward to working with you to bring your vision to life.

Below you’ll find images of some the beautiful gardens we’ve created: