Colour is an essential ingredient that can make or break a room, when we are looking for the right colour we have to take into account every element in the space before we start testing the possible colours.  Thinking ahead is of utmost importance, knowing how the rooms will be furnished, which colour carpets will be used and many other aspects will help simplify picking the right colours and avoid having to repaint the rooms.

Good communication here is the key.

For years now we´ve been using Farrow & Ball paints, we mainly like to use them because they are GREEN, their paint is eco friendly, water based, they use recyclable paint tins and responsible sourced wallpapers, all in all they seem well committed to the environment.

Apart from giving their colours  the most memorable names, I mean how can we ever forget ´Elephant´s breath´ or ´Mouse´s Back´?!  their paint has an extraordinary response to light, whichever point the property is facing there is a solution for every one of them.

South facing rooms being the easiest, lightest and warm, picking the right colour here seems like an easy task, on the other hand north facing rooms can be a little bit trickier and this is where perhaps darker colours work their best.  Many many things to take into account previous to painting… a challenge we are very happy to take to make our projects unique, warm spaces that invite you to stay and enjoy to the full.

These are but just a few of their Neutral colour combinations we like to use so much, base on their base, ARCHITECTURAL, RED BASED, EASY and CONTEMPORARY.