Jóse Ignacio


This attractive beach house is located on the seaside in the gorgeous village José Ignacio , its just 20 minutes from Punta del Este and renowned worldwide for its simple, chic and gorgeous lifestyle. The property conveys the laid-back vibe of this sleepy Uruguayan fishing village. It is a place which remains tranquil for most of the year, coming to life at Christmas when an international crowd descend to enjoy its unspoilt beaches.

This five bedroom home was built for a simple purpose, to be enjoyed during the summer months by a family of 4, and to entertain friends that fly over there to spend long weeks of tranquility.

The building  is congruous with its surroundings. Brick walls have been painted entirely white, decks has been left to age naturally, local materials have been used throughout, a guest house has been built with a thatched roof, typical of the local architecture.

A large open veranda, a cement pool of shimmering turquoise water and an unbeatable roof terrace offer the occupant ample outdoor space to savour the incredible sunsets and sunrises.

The house is designed to make the most of its desirable position just 20 meters from La Mansa beach. Vast windows allow sunlight to flood in, illuminating a clean, contemporary space. The interiors offer a preference for natural materials such as wood, rattan and linen. There is also a vast barbecue area ideal for entertaining.

The soothing organic palette promotes a sense of wellbeing and peace. Beyond the open-plan living space, a garden of native tamarinds, wild grasses, agapanthus and grass-covered dunes give roots to this uplifting home. Every detail has been designed and executed with the client, the location and the lifestyle in mind.