What we do

With two decades of experience in the design, construction and renovation of properties across Mallorca, Freer Living’s main focus is on full-service, high-end residential projects.

We commit to each client’s dream as if it were our own and offer professional and approachable assistance from concept to completion.

From locating the right plot of land to designing bespoke interiors, we are equipped to handle every stage of home building.

We love to balance traditional with contemporary, achieving unique character by furnishing with bespoke pieces, custom designed fixtures, reclaimed materials and high end finishes.We thrive to create uplifting living spaces which transmit a sense of cleanliness, harmony and understated timeless elegance.

How we work.

We believe every home is unique and should suit your personality and way of life. From architects and engineers to artisans and gardeners, we are proud of the network of trusted experts we have built up over the years. It’s thanks to these talented and meticulous individuals that we are able to implement your ideas with the utmost attention to detail.

Once we have established your personal concept and prime concerns, we will be able to offer you a comprehensive overview of what happens next. Whether you want a large hand in the process, or would rather leave it to us, that’s entirely up to you. 

We understand the importance of reliable and transparent communication and will do our very best to make the journey towards a new home a smooth and rewarding experience.

These are some of the services we offer when overtaking the building and interiors of residential properties.

Architecture · Project Management

Sourcing and Selection · Bespoke Furnishings

Interior Design · Landscape Design


As lovers of the great outdoors, we place great importance on the landscape of each project and believe a garden is a living and breathing extension of our homes.



We believe the design, construction and decoration of a kitchen should be as personal as the rest of the house.



We are passionate about bathrooms and we aim to bring impeccable taste to every kind of bathroom we build.



Colour is an essential ingredient that can make or break a room, when we are looking for the right colour we have to take into account every element in the space before we start testing the possible colours.



The right carpet can tie together all the elements in a room. It’s the last stroke of a painting which brings it to life.



Good lighting is an essential ingredient when designing a home. It can completely transform a space and elevate the design to another level. Light is a powerful thing.


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