B O U T I Q U E  H O T E L  I N  S O L L E R .

Back in 1998  my husband and I  found this great house in the centre of Soller, a beautiful town on the other side of the mountains, full of charm, with a rich history and so many  interesting people living there.

The house was in a terrible state,  but we fell for its beauty, magnificent views and charisma so we decided to go for it! with the idea of turning it into a  Boutique Hotel.

We had visited Ca´s Puers many times before,  another grand house in the village that was quite exotic, and we were so in love with the idea of running this little hotel that we  straight away started discussing plans with a local architect, applied for all the licences and after a few months started the renovation.

The house had been abandoned for over 50 years , weeds had taken over the place,  so overgrown we could barely open the shutters on our first visit, but you needn´t look too far to appreciate what an amazing property we had found.

It took  2 years to restore and  60 workers were involved, built a new roof,  16  new bathrooms -when it had  only had one! – we made the most to keep as much of the original features as possible, and for this  we employed a well known local builder specialized in restorations that came highly recommended and lucky for us it turned out to be the best decision, we are happy to say the result was magnificent.

These are some pictures of the house, I have hundreds more but I still need time to scan them, I will do so with time and I would love to show you room by room and before/ after pictures, doing this house up was quite something!



The garden had been left to grow wild and we didn´t find this great pebble paths until we started streaming it, it was certainly full of surprises.



The Hall is  flanked by 2 grey stone columns and a beautiful stone floor in a cross shape,  bordered with hidraulic tiles hand painted everyone different. We stuccoed most of  the walls to imitate the style of the epoque.

You can see the 2 back staircases and it has 2 more that lead to different areas of the house , not necessarily linked together.





The rooms facing south have the most incredible views of the  Mountains , the light is just magical here.

All over the house lots of the floor tiles were lifted to pass millions of tubes to build the new bathrooms,  for lights, for the air conditioning, smoke detectors and all modern devices were installed.

Then the tiles were cleaned one by one and layed down again, we were lucky to  find some spare tiles in the attic,  which helped with the broken ones, and we had to mix some of them to fill in the gaps, we found more tiles in the local shops that were from the same time and we were lucky locals appreciate so much the history and craftmanship of the time, they keep them still and they , like us, think these objects are precious.


The view of the mountains is breathtaking!


This was the original well that we restored and the small columns were found scattered all over the floor in the garden, they belong to the roof of the water deposit, which sadly was destroyed  also, the house had rights of  water at one time, a few hours a week they told us, but its no longer coming down  from the mountains, such a shame, the cistern though was quite huge and we used the rain water for the garden which was really helpful.





The bathrooms are all different, featuring Lefroy Brooks sinks and taps, stucco walls, and our own design of cement floors made in a local factory to imitate the floors of the 1900s.



It was a grand house when it was built, the stone work is astounding and the frames around the windows, also  we found fantastic furniture covered in Silk damasks and 4 poster beds in Mahogany in most rooms, we realized they had left them there  because of their size, they were really small but made of marqueterie and full of intricate details.

We made good use of them, we added the end posts to the head and made proper 1, 80 wide headboards that remain in the house today. Beautiful works of art.


R o o m  2

This is everyone´s favourite! this room was made up of 3 little rooms, the original bed was where the bathroom is today , and the big room had a tiny wash room- where we found the washing basin and all  the cleaning bits still there! – and also an ante room, where guests would wait to be allowed in when they came to visit!

The ante room had a set of mahogany chairs  all layed around the room like in a dance floor position! they were covered in Red silk damask which was too damaged so we reupholstered them  in a goldy-yellow damask and used them in the breakfast room.



T h e  A t t i c   R o o m



The Attic Room is on the 3rd floor of the house and it has the best views, its terribly cozy,  and it kind of feels like you are in the Alps, it has an ensuite bathroom like all the rooms, with black and yellow checky cement tiles in small format that gives it a colourful finish.


B r e a k f a s t   R o o m


The breakfast  &  dining room was  truly charming, surrounded by tiles up to 1, 20 m high  in  intricated patterns and with french windows all around it made a fantastic dining spot, the walls we painted in the palest of greens to match the little flowers on the tiles, the curtains, made of silk, were  deep blue and the backs in aqua green too, these were the most incredible curtains! walking here felt like walking back in time..



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