Possibly the chicest fishing village in  Southamerica and just 20 minutes from Punta del Este,  Jose Ignacio stands as the ultimate family destination and offers a vast variety of activities, amazing culinary experiences and beautiful scenery.

Walking  along the endless beaches, mostly empty, watching the sunsets on the sea, a daily unmissable ritual, while drinking some mate , it just couldn’t get any better. ..

In Jose Ignacio you can ride your horse everywhere, to get the bread in the morning, along the beach in the afternoon,  you can have barbecues on the sand, and its so peaceful you just want to sit and watch the waves crashing while reading a good book, for some people like me, this is heaven.

We´ve been going there for Christmas for nearly 15 years now and one month never seems enough to explore the  coast. The locals are just so warm and friendly and make you feel like you belong there, and this is for me one of the main reasons that  keeps us coming back.

The artistic scene is incredible, only in Jose Ignacio you can find art in every form, the houses themselves, all  built with such taste and beautifully decorated, with that laid back luxury we love, the shops and cafes are all tasteful, the streets are tidy and there are no ugly neon signs on sight-there are strict rules for businesses and no big platforms have been allowed to open in the village.  The local shops are amazing and we always find ourselves bringing some great virgin wool ponchos and blankets.

Between January and March the weather is quite changeable,  hot during the day, and chilly in the evenings,  occasionally you can get some torrential rain, make sure to take something to keep you warm/ windproof.

Try to stay away the first 2 weeks of January if you can,  the place gets really crowded with Argentinians who easily drive up the coast in a few hours –  it becomes a real challenge to get a dinner reservation in the best restaurants so book in advance – but after the 15th, Jose Ignacio goes  back to “normal “, all to yourselves.

I guess we are quite in love with the experience of living there , and that´s one of the reasons I decided to build a house, but I´ll tell you more in my next post!

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photo by Peter Sandin photography.

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