This project was started from scratch, we found the ideal plot of land  located in the centre of Mallorca, in the outskirts of Santa María, a village only 15 minutes away from Palma, well situated, with easy access and perfect for an all year round FAMILY home.

It´s an almond grove with lots of large Carob trees and open views. The house was positioned near the center of the plot, for privacy mainly, and where the carob trees provide lovely shade for the hot summer months.

It´s a lovely family home with 5 bedrooms  with bathrooms ensuite and a guest house plus a garage for 2 cars and a large basement.





This is an image of the North Facade where we kept the design very traditional, with small windows that belong to bathrooms, dressing rooms and back kitchens so none needed masses of light, although we added up to 3 in one room so they turned out to be very bright indeed.

The entrance to the house is framed by a large patio with 2 olive trees on 2 squares of grass which is also surrounded by a dry stone wall, this  walls work very well to keep the garden protected from the wind and plants grow very happy here.

Notice the recessed stone window frames in Sandstone, the facade is finished with a coloured cement mixture that imitates the traditional mallorcan render. The rest of the house is stone so we kept the big block of the building white to give it contrast.

This entrance patio leads to a second patio that accesses the kitchen garden.





The South Facade of the house is completely different, although we kept the  same colours and window frames we decided to use 5 french windows  per floor to give maximum light and maximize the views, it turned out very traditional in a french way..



The house is flanked by 2 stone extensions, one is the kitchen porch, with a double arched patio and the other is one of the guest rooms that has its own porch at the front.

The house is bordered by a wide gravel path which works just great, it looks lovely and  mainly it´s low maintenance, in a house of these dimensions you have to think of the maintenance and swipping floors can take many hours a week so gravel is very welcome wherever possible.

A large lawn with  olive and almond trees on both sides  gives  beautiful calm open views of the surroundings.

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