R u s t i c   F a r m   i n  A l a r ó.

This is our latest project, and so far the most challenging, its situated in an idyllic spot at the foot of the Serra de Tramuntana, on the road to Castell D´Alaro, its a beautiful area of Mallorca,  declared UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE, its surrounded by  pure nature, very peaceful and thus popular  with walkers  and cyclists for the fantastic views it offers and the little windy roads flanked by dry stone walls that are so characteristic of these areas.

We found this property in really bad shape,  it was being used as a storage for farm equipment and it had been abandoned for quite some time.

This picture is the South Facade, which measures an impressive  30 meters long, they were actually 2 buildings and a garage and they were all joined together to make it into one house.


N o r t h  W e s t  F a c a d e

A new extension was built in the place of the original garage to house 3 rooms and 3 bathrooms, the second extension – on the right -is the Drawing room, with  double height ceiling, in between the two extensions there is a long sitting room or “winter room” that joins the 2 extensions together.

Behind you can see a little bit the tower.


O r i g i n a l    B u i l d i n g

Here you can see the level of the floor and the amount of excavation we did to give an all around floor level to the house, the lower building was the sheep shed and it went too, along with the far building , the structure wasn´t strong enough to be kept and new cimentation was necessary for the whole building.


N o r t h w e s t  F a c a d e .

The stone work had to be restored completely, as a result of opening new windows there were  many patches and it needed to be a bit more unified, the roofs  can be seen from the garden  so we used a mix of old and new tiles, which we do in most of our projects, we put the new tiles below and the old ones on show, also  we added olive tree branches on the patio wall to hold the wisterias.  And also on the South facade to hold the grape vines. img_9485


O r i g i n a l   S o u t h   F a c a d e .

It seems like they were 2 houses divided , and there was a separate access to the first floor through those stairs, we decided to remove them and therefore give the house a more unified feel, the stair entrance became the window of the 4th bedroom, in total  there are 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms.


The cistern is quite large and its been restored in the traditional way, originally had a little metal gate that we removed and now it has a flat lid. It holds all the rain water and is used for  the watering system.  Here you can see the sticks coming out of the wall that hopefully in a few months the Vine will cover.

The roof is built with a border of  triple layered tiles, gets less water in the windows and it looks really special.


I will post more details of the interiors and garden very soon!

I look forward to hearing your comments and any questions you may have!


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