Building houses, restoring derelict buildings, bringing old houses to life,  re-doing countless kitchens and bathrooms, are just a few of the aspects of my work,  I have created homes out of not much,  and  fully furnished them,  always looking for harmonious liveable spaces that one can call HOME.

My job consists of many things,  presentations, meetings, project management and every step needed to make sure all details of your home are handled professionally and with care.

I like to meet in person if possible, to discuss the clients needs, check on the site, take measurements and make plans, talk about  the budget for the specific project, etc.

Often I work with clients who live abroad and need me to direct the building from day one, looking for a suitable plot of land or particular property.

A full design with drawings and floor plans can be prepared following all the  details discussed during our meetings,  including LIGHTING, FURNISHINGS, FIXTURES and FINISHES.

All my houses are distinctive and not one room the same, searching for the right piece of  furniture, be it new, antique or  vintage is a challenge  I take  happily,  I also design and make furniture with my own carpenter or wellder, and I can shop with my clients in Mallorca and bring furniture and objects from abroad  in order to find the right piece needed for a specific room.

Also from my Studio I can provide an array of fabrics for  all the WINDOW TREATMENTS, CUSHIONS, UPHOLSTERY and make them  and install them in your home.

I´m happy to share all your dilemmas and I literally  live for  home making and hope to help my clients make the homes of their dreams in any way possible.

If you are having issues with your interiors, your gardens or simply have doubts on which direction to take,  I will always thrive to give the best advice possible and try to give you the direction you need regarding the issue you´re having, being KITCHEN RENOVATION,  PAINT COLOURS, WHERE TO PLACE YOUR FURNITURE  or even PICTURE HANGING,  which I find is a common dilemma…and often a fresh eye can see things differently.

Last but not least, I´m a garden lover! and Mallorca has the most amazing climate to grow the most beautiful plants, in just one year gardens here are transformed, plants grow so fast with this weather..

I love to create garden rooms, fountains, and beautiful features that make our houses special.

I hope you will enjoy the renovations and new build  designs we´ve done so far and I can´t wait to see what you´ve got going on and how I can help you!